Toyota Aygo- Citroen C1- Peugeot 107 Power Steering ECU


Repair service for your power steering control unit 

The KOYO POWER STEERING ECU is the electronic control unit for the power steering system. The ECU monitors the speed of the car and sensor inputs from the steering column and uses this information to calculate how much steering assistance to give. When the steering fails most people will advise that the fault is with the steering column however it is most likely the ECU.  


C1552 - Power supply malfunction PIG - Internal circuit of power steering unit 

C1554 - Power steering failure 

symptoms of failure can be 

Heavy steering in one or both directions 
No power to the unit | Loss of power steering | CAN bus faults. 

part numbers can be 

6900000522 225000-0070 K9100600 896500H02 K91-0060 

 Checks to be performed on the power steering system BEFORE SENDING IT TO US!!
Direct battery supply between PIN 1 and 2 of the black 2-way connector (2V NR) of the power steering unit.
Check the earth, PIN 2 black 2-way connector (2V NR) of the power steering unit.
Power after contact between PIN 1 and earth - white connector (12V BA) of the power steering unit.
If there is no power, verify the operation and power of the power steering relay. Check relay activation between PIN 14 of the connector (18V BA). Also check the output voltage of the relay in pin 12 of the connector (18V BA).
In case of failure, replace the installation section and/or the defective connector.
3- Check the control cables of the power steering motor from the 2-way white connector (BA 2V) of the power steering unit, PIN 1 and 2.
 If all the tests described in points 2 and 3 are correct, then send it in to use for repair.
PLEASE NOTE... After any intervention in the kinematic steering chain, the sensors of the steering torque should be calibrated using an appropriate diagnostic tool.

if you need any help or information on this service please call or text 07582 135579 

12 month warranty 
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