Renault Scenic - Espace Digital Instrument Cluster Repair Service

Our repair effectively restores a faulty Johnson Controls Instrument cluster to its original functional condition, by replacing components that generate excess heat, no longer functioning efficiently. Where the Johnson Controls VFD Instrument Cluster is none functional, Typically a Complete Failure, usually more component parts are required for repair. Faults often seen are such as warning lights giving false readings, a high pitched whistling coming from the instrument cluster, flickering of centre display illumination, Intermittent faults on complete unit, and more common complete power failure.

If you are experiencing any of the above faults, it is advisable to remove the instrument panels grey power plug, to prevent any further damage that can occur by prolonged failure.Data corruption is a common result of VFD Instrument Cluster failure. While it is not always noticed, during power failure of theinstrument cluster, any spike of power being restored can often cause the internal memory of the John Controls Instrument Clusterto become corrupt. This effect can often be seen by the driver as an ever increasing trip and mileage counter jumping up in values, sometimes some hundreds or thousands of miles. It is also possible for this power failure to cause complete and irreparable data corruption which will result in a software error preventing the instrument cluster from powering up at all, regardless of the fault in the power circuits being corrected. In this situation, the internal memory of the instrument cluster held on a Soic-8 Serial EPROM requires reprogramming to a factory configuration, which would then have to be configured to your vehicle.

Removing the panel couldn't be easier, the plastic surround is attached by snap in brackets, you can pull this plastics out with little effort. The VFD Panel is secured by 2x T-25Torx screws, these are sometimes called 'Star Drive' and the panel will lift out of the dashboard easily. If you have to use tools to 'pry' the plastics away from the dashboard, use a Towel to protect the dashboard from scratches, and wrap some of the towel around the tool you are using to prevent any sharp edges scuffing the dashboard or plastics.




we aim to repair all Renault Scenic Instrument panels the same day we receive them, or the very next day, turn around is usually no more than 3 days. Bench Testing to confirm a good effected repair, an endurance test is carried out on each and every instrument panel.

Minimum testing is 4 hours non stop to effectively test functionality, we record thermal tolerance using infra-red thermometers and monitor current in milliAmps throughout the test cycle to ensure endurance and reliability in service. 24 month warranty When using buy it now please make sure you state car model, reg, current mileage and contact phone number in transaction please.