We Do NOT accept EDC modules in for test/repair if previously tampered (opened) Due to the highly sensitive nature of the internals, any attempt to open the module by unskilled persons will result in the unit being destroyed. In our experience, 100% of units opened prior to being sent to us for test, were beyond repair!

Do NOT be tempted to open the EDC, here is a photo if you want to see whats inside, let it satisfy your curiosity!

Do NOT remove the pump from the Engine, there is no good reason to do this, and the pumps are computer timed, if you loose the timing, the pump has to go to Bosch.

We Do NOT accept Core Pumps into our premises, remove only the EDC from the pump.

We Do NOT accept visitors to our premises, all order submissions are by mail order ONLY.

Useful information:

The 4 black wires do NOT unplug, do not try to force them! We know they appear to look as if they disconnect, believe us.. they do not! Forcing them will damage the EDC. Cut the 4 Black wires staggered

The 4 Black wires are AC-PWM, as long as you reconnect the 2 thin to each other and the 2 thick to each other, they are not polarised.

EDC opposed to EDU - EDU is Isuzu, EDC is a Bosch Acronym from Electronic Diesel Controller.

Coded - The Bosch EDC in almost all cases is coded to the car, with a Paring code. If the EDC unit is not original from the vehicle, it may need coding to match the cars immobiliser before the pump will run.

Calibration - The EDC (psg5) modules are calibrated to the Pump when they are built by Bosch, swapping an EDC from another pump, even with the same pump number will almost always cause an injection error due to the fact that EDC module is not calibrated to that core pump and peripheral solenoids.



EDC Removal

EDC Re-fitment

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