Electronic Turbo Actuator Rebuild Service G-40

This turbo actuator is a very common problem when the unit fails you will notice that the Glow plug light will flash on the instrument cluster, the engine will loose all power and go into 'limp mode'. This fault normally starts out as intermittent and only happens when the engine is hot and has been running for some time, but the fault will become permanent with time. If you have your vehicle diagnosed then you will also get the following fault code: 'P132A - Turbo/supercharger boost control A electrical'.

When we repair your turbo actuator we use higher rated than standard components so you can be assure that once repaired your turbo actuator will not fail again.

Common faults:

  • Glow Plug Light flashing
  • P132A fault code

Part Numbers:

  • 6NW008412
  • 712120
  • G-149

Please send us your faulty unit and we will repair and remanufacture with 5 days

NOTE WELL - We DO NOT accept modules previously tampered with