BMW GM5 Central Locking Repair Service Z8 X3 Z4 E46 E52 E83 E85


  • 3 Series (E46 ) 1998-2005
  • X3 2003 -2010
  • ZE ? All Years

If your doors do not open/close from BOTH the keyfob AND the central lock button inside the car BUT wipers, windows & interior lights are working normally then you need this service.

This problem is normally caused by the relays that power the door actuators & generally affects ALL doors. If your problem is only with 1 door it is unlikely to be a GM5 module fault.

The GM5 module is located behind the glove box & fairly easy to remove. Once we receive your unit we will run an initial test on it & replace the faulty relays with the original brand Relays, Once you receive the module back just pop it back in, no programming needed.

If the fuel filler door also doesn't unlock, and/or the problem is worse in hot or cold weather, then almost certainly your GM5 is at fault.

The problem will be intermittent at first, usually with unlocking rather than locking, and getting worse in hot weather, before finally failing completely.

All repairs come with 12 months warranty


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